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OpticsPR helps you build your brand with a clear and defined communications strategy. We offer a full suite of consultancy and strategy services designed to grow your business with tangible results across all relevant marketing channels both online and offline. OpticsPR will nurture your company’s reputation and ensure your target audience fully understands your offering.

Whether you’re a recently launched sports tech start-up or a more mature sports tech business, OpticsPR will help your business hit growth and revenue targets.

It’s about reach & engagement…

OpticsPR is about communication and we're experienced across multiple platforms and media...

Public Relations

Managing company communications, ensuring consistent coverage in key media and securing interviews to increase SEO and brand exposure.

Content Creation

Planning and creating content to meet key business and SEO objectives. Our content can be scheduled or reactive and includes keywords and copywriting.

Integrated Comms

Ensuring all aspects of communications and business messages are intrinsically connected to maintain clear and consistent positioning across multiple channels.

Social Media

We can manage and advise on content and positioning across all key social media channels ensuring your message is across platforms utilised by your audience.


OpticsPR promises a custom communications service at excellent value with flexible structures to meet your needs...

Extended PR Programme

For those who are seeking a dedicated strategy delivery across multiple channels on a recurring monthly basis.

Intermittent PR Exposure

For those seeking ad hoc communications assistance and press release distribution on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Custom PR Project

For those seeking a one-off campaign for anything from a new product launch or market expansion.

Other Client Sectors


OpticsPR enables leading B2B businesses to deliver on growth strategies and ensure the brand is highly visible by your key target audience.


OpticsPR works with clients in the fast-growing Sports Betting sector to secure coverage in the most respected B2B publications. Territories include Europe, LatAm and the US market.

Our work appears in...


Our work appears in...